Automatic Backups to the Cloud for your Corporate Datacenter (Servers, NAS & more)

Usiing Customized Opensource Baclua Based Enterprise Online Backup System, 6NET delivers a secure destination for your backups. The high costs associated with storage replication, remote personnel, datacenter space & power,and bandwidth between sites often prevents businesses from designing and maintaining a successful backup plan. Our solutions enable your business to fulfill you data protection goals.6NET's storage and network experts assess your existing infrastructure and recommend the best strategy to leverage our Cloud Backups Solution. During the provisioning process, our team collects statistics on bandwidth usage, storage performance, data change rates (delta), and other important factors in order to provide a successful backup scheme. Backups are conducted over a secure VPN between your existing firewall and your private, remote LAN in the 6NET Enterprise cloud.

Receive Email Notifications Confirming Your Backups are Running.

Accountability for data backups is becoming increasingly difficult for companies large and small. With so much data being generated each day and saved for longer periods of time, it is not uncommon that backups fall by the wayside. When backups fail, it's not always immediately apparent, making it even more important to know that they are actually running. Employee flux and high turnover rates often results in a lack of proper documentation and confusion about backup procedures and responsibilities. Even with consistent IT personnel, there is often the assumption that it is the job of someone else to setup and maintain backups. 6NET provides the critical notifications you need to know the status of your data protection. We keep you informed of your backup status, confirming that backups are taking place. We minimize the risk for catastrophic data loss by keeping you and your company informed.

Optional Mirroring to Multiple Datacenters for Added Protection..

With 6NET's Cloud Backups, you have the option to cascade your backups to geographically diverse backup locations. Customize the level of redundancy for your additional backup sites and the number of mirrored data copies necessary to keep your business protected. By choosing Tier I datacenter service for additional backup sites, we can easily and cost-effectively replicate your data sets multiple times. Connect other sites to the 6NET's Cloud to centralize your backups and simultaneously mirror them to one or more destinations. In addition to providing backups and data protection, mirroring allows for read-only cache functionality as well as historic snapshotting.

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