1. Free data recovery consultation

The first step is a free consultation by phone or email. At this stage, we will diagnose the issues that have driven the data loss, and decide which data recovery solution is likely to deliver the best result at the best possible cost to you.We will also explain the various service level options available to you, and provide a 'no data, no fee' quote for recovering your data. Assuming you are happy to proceed at this point,you need to drop the device off at our office.

2. Free laboratory evaluation

On receipt of the hard drive, we will unpack it carefully, book into our data recovery tracking system and place it through a series of non-intrusive tests to determine the condition of the device and the data. These will include the following:
  • inspection the disk for physical damage
  • An initial electrical inspection of the hard drive.
  • An initial inspection of the magnetic media.
  • A check on the workings of the read/write heads.
  • A calibration and alignment check.
At this stage, we will confirm the fixed price we will charge to complete the data recovery. The price will be as quoted initially unless any of the following apply:
  • Mechanical problems - Through we aim to repair faulty parts from stock, we do reserve the right to pass our costs on in the event that we have to order in replacement parts.
  • > 10GB data - Where the data recovered is >10GB, there will be an additional charge
  • In all instances, you are under no obligation to proceed until you know the full cost of our service.

3. Data Recovery

Once you have confirmed acceptance of the all-inclusive quote, our data recovery engineers will employ the remedial actions required to recover your data. For logical problems, we will use software we have developed over many years to bypass the bad areas so that the hard disk is able to read around them.

4. Return of Data

As soon as we have manually checked your data, we will send you a full file list to validate. There will be not request for payment until you are satisfied with the results. We will then transfer your data to the return media device agreed up-front.

For more information please contact : sales@null6netbd.com